Premiere of February «The Star without a Name»


Anya Chipovskaya and Pavel Tabakov are starring in the premiere of “The Star without a Name” by Mihai Sebastian, one of the most popular Romanian authors and playwrights of the 20th century. A novelist, play writer, literary critic and researcher, he belonged to the intellectuals of pre-war Europe.  His best known play “The Star without a Name” was written in 1942, in the midst of World War II. This unusual and beautiful love story was an opposition to the bestialities of the war.

A miraculous passenger arrives in a tiny Romanian town: a stylish dress, expensive perfume, delicate make-up and…not a sixpence to scratch with. What has brought her to this place, where the ducks wander along the railway station platform and the local schoolchildren get together to watch fast trains as the greatest wonder? That is the question that bewilders a young astronomy teacher of the local school.

This story of unexpected love, rich in surprises, balances between comedy and drama, lyrics and farce, laughter and tears. The main characters are trying to solve simple but at the same time most complicated questions: Is bliss possible with no money? Can one give up his high society routine for the sake of love?

This wonderful story was filmed in the 1970-s by Mikhail Kozakov with Anastasia Vertinskaya and Igor Kostolevsky starring.

Our version engages Sergey Belyayev, Alyina Lapteva and Vyacheslav Chepurchenko with Anya Chipovskaya and Pavel Tabakov starring.

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