the Oleg Tabakov Theatre presents the premiere of “The Tempest. Variations”


On November 1, 11, 19 the Oleg Tabakov Theatre presents the premiere of “The Tempest. Variations” based on William Shakespeare’s play.

“The Tempest”, a famous play by W. Shakespeare, is one of the most enigmatic and unconventional plays of the Great Bard. His last creation is still in the focus of philosophers’, researchers’ and art experts’ attention. At different periods of time it has been regarded a fairy tale, a comedy and a tragicomedy.

Not only is it a story of betrayal and revenge, hatred and mercy, and, no doubt, overwhelming passion, but also it’s a philosophic speculation on the basic issues of our life.

Strange as it might seem, the play has been rather rarely staged globally, in our country in particular. One can hardly recall indisputable director’s or actor’s success in “The Tempest” of different time and country. The play seemed to be evading any concepts and theories.

The play in Marin’s translation is a story where the main characters are the theatre people, so familiar to the director. The well-known Shakespeare’s formula “all world’s a stage” is perfectly manifested in the production.

The “Tabakerka” actors of all generations appear in the performance, with the comeback of Alexander Marin, one of the theatre co-founders, who plays the part of Prospero. Marin, a most distinctive Moscow actor of the 1980-s -1990-s, who used to play the parts of Khlestakov (“The Inspector General”) and Volodya Teleskopov in “The Overstocked Packaging Barrels” – the legendary Tabakerka productions - appears on our stage after a 20-year break. The-then leading actor of our “cellar”, he sacrificed his actor’s career for the director’s quest, and now he is back on stage. Who else but him could play the part of Prospero – the creator of the magic world of the theatre!

He is supported by the actors of the middle and young generations. The part of Miranda, Prospero’s daughter, is played by Yuliana Grebe, a student of the Oleg Tabakov Acting School. In the previous season, she starred in “Madonna with a Flower”. Her acting was found one of the best debuts of the season and brought her a number of prestigious theatrical awards.

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