Premiere of December – «Epifan Locks» by Andrey Platonov


300 years ago… Real adventures of a foreigner in Russia.

Peter the Great made up his mind to construct a navigable canal to link the two Russian rivers: the Oka and the Don. Originally the canal was supposed to be called Ivanovsky, as its watercourse trended across the Ivanovo Lake. An English engineer Bertrand Perry was invited to do hydrologic prospecting. The monarch granted him wide-ranging powers in managing construction, as well as its human and non-human resources. Having arrived at his headquarters  in Epifan – a small town in the outskirts of Central Russia – Perry, full of enthusiasm and optimistic hopes, got down to work.

That’s where his mishaps began. The Russian proverb “It was very smooth on paper, wish we had a bloody grader” appeared to be stronger than all the efforts of the Englishman who felt an alien there.

Platonov describes the canal construction with the accuracy of a documentarian, as well as with the virtuosity of a brilliant narrator. During his fight with the devastating drought in Tambov of the 1920-s Platonov wrote “The Epifan Locks” – a story of the never-ending motion of the wheel of the Russian history, when human life stories mysteriously resemble the life stories of the industrialization era. Not to mention nowadays…

It’s the second time that our theatre turns to A. Platonov - one of the most distinctive Russian writers. In 2007 Mindaugas Karbauskis directed “The Story of “Gleeful Moscow” – the production that was awarded The Golden Mask Prize and that has always been in great demand with the public for almost a decade.

Marina Brusnikina, the director of “The Epifan Locks”, is famous for her masterful productions based on the Russian prose. The stage design has been created by Nikolai Simonov – one of the most famous and peculiar stage designers.

Ivan Shibanov, Igor Petrov and Alexander Fisenko are starring supported by the graduates of the Oleg Tabakov Acting School, today’s trainees of our theatre.

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