30th Theatre Season


Dear friends!

We’d like to enlighten you on the news of our jubilee season.

Four graduates of the Oleg Tabakov Drama School have joined our trainee group: Alyona Goncharova, Denis Paramonov, Pavel Tabakov and Anastasiya Timushkova. Our “freshies” are already playing in the current productions.

Besides, Alexander Limin, the B. Shchukin Drama School graduate (R. Turminas’ and N. Dvorzhetskaya’ class) has joined our theatre.

On September 14 and 15, “The Story of Gleeful Moscow” (based on A. Platonov prose; dir. M. Karbauskas) will be played in Ulyanovsk and Dimitrovgrad within the Golden Mask Festival.

Director Alexander Marin is releasing “The Tempest” (based on W. Shakespeare’s play) in his own translation. The parts are being rehearsed by Alexander Marin, Yana Sekste, Dmitry Brodetsky, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Yevgeniya Borzych, Alexander Kuzmin and the bulk of the troupe. The opening is scheduled for the end of October, 2015.

Marina Brusnikina is working on the production “Epifan Locks” (based on A. Platonov’s prose) starring Ivan Shibanov. The other parts will be played by Alexander Fisenko, Igor Petrov, Natalya Kachalova and others. The stage designer – Nikolay Simonov.

Around New Year, a young director Vladimir Smirnov, Sergey Zhenovach’s apostle, will present his version of the famous “The Star without a Name” by Mihail Sebastian starring Pavel Tabakov and Anya Chipovskaya. The other parts will be performed by Alyona Lapteva, Sergey Belyayev, Boris Plotnikov, Igor Petrov and others.

In November 2015 the Moscow Art Theatre will host the Festival of Productions Starring Oleg Tabakov, where our theatre’s productions “The Seagull”, “The Year When I wasn’t Born”, “THE ADVENTURES based on “The Dead Souls” by N. Gogol” and the MAT’s dramas “The Last Victim” and “The Jeweller’s Jubilee” will be presented.

We hope to open the new stage on Malaya Sukharevskaya Square on March 1, our theatre’s birthday.

A new multimedia exhibition “Tabakov of the Russian stage. The role in history.” opened in our theatre lobby on August 25. It’s available every day from 6 p.m. till the end of the night performance.

The exhibition comprises three parts:

The main lobby displays a photo gallery of O. Tabakov’s film and theatre parts in over sixty years of his artistic career. Fifty-four of the Master’s most prominent parts have, undoubtedly, become part of the Russian theatre and cinema culture code.

The numerous images of the photo exhibition come to life in a retrospective documentary “The Part in History” (script – Grigory Zaslavsky). Looking back one can easily notice that O. Tabakov’s parts are not a mere reflection of an epoch, they are its expression, and the characters have become symbols of the time and its changes.

The final part of the exhibition called “Multi-sided Personality” is displayed in the minor lobby. It comprises sincere characteristics given to O. Tabakov by the people who know him well: Irina Antonova, Valentin Gaft, Nikita Mikhalkov, Vladimir Spivakov, Renata Litvinova, Yevgeny Mironov and others. These quotations have been borrowed from the book “Tabakov of the Russian Stage” that was published by O. Tabakov’s jubilee.

The book was created by Oleg Tabakov’s apostles, companions, colleagues, relatives and friends.

Fifty portrait-stories.

Andrey Smolyakov, Marina Zudina, Sergey Glinka, Sergey Bezrukov, Irina Pegova, Maxim Matveyev and many others have also had their Word about Tabakov.

Our guests and spectators can purchase the jubilee book with the limited circulation of 1,000 copies in the theatre lobby.


Oleg Tabakov

Book  “Tabakov of the Russian Stage”


Марина Зудина

Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina

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