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Sergey Belyayev

Honored Artist of Russia

Sergey is one of the co-founders of the O.Tabakov Theatre, which he joined in1986, right after his graduation from the State Acting School (GITIS) where he was in O.Tabakov’s class.

He started his career as a backstage hand in the Maly Theatre, where his artistic aptitudes were revealed, so after two years in Tshepkin Drama School he chose the State Acting School (GITIS).

In the 20 years with the Tabakov Theatre Sergey has played dozens of parts - both leading and supporting. Each of them has been notable and memorable.

The focus of his attention has always been the audience’s response. “If I were the director, my only goal would be to make the spectators laugh heartily in some scenes and cry bitterly in others. And after the performance, I’d like them to discover some new warm sensations in themselves.” “When the public are leaving the play, I am desperate, but I can’t blame them: we are responsible for them being bored…”

In 1989 Sergey won “The Song of the Year” Award with his song “Fun” (“Zabava”) composed to S.Yesenin’s lyrics, which, performed by A.Malinin, became a hit.

Oleg Tabakov says about him,” He is an old-timer. He has occupied his own niche in our “Basement”. He treats his parts tenderly but firmly. He is of those actors who are ready to pay for the right to act. He is a faithful and dependable workmate: he has saved the situation a lot of times and will surely do it again if necessary. He composes music, but there is no impudence of a neophyte in whatever he does. Nowadays, when everything has been devaluated, he sets himself high standards. And that is the key feature for today.”

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Sergey’s parts in the O.Tabakov Theatre:
Khomich (“The Armchair” by A.Marin based on J.Polyakov)
Nuzhnov (“The Hole” by A.Galin)
Music and Dancing Teacher (“Crazy Jourdain” by M.Bulgakov)
Savok (“The Roof” by A.Galin”)
Ceauchon (The Lark” by J.Anouilh)
Dremotny (“Castruccha” by A.Volodin)
Boatswain Dopekailo (“The Overstocked Packaging Barrels” by V.Aksyonov)
Mitya Zhuchkov (“The Sailors’Rest” by A.Galich)
Surkov (“The Common Story” by V.Rozov based on I.Goncharov)
Philomeyev (“The Moment of Glory by Local Time” by G.Nikolayev)
Zemlyanika (“The Inspector-General” by N.Gogol”)
General (“The Anecdotes” after F.Dostoyevsky and A.Vampilov)
Fat Clown ((“The Fatal Trick” by O.Antonov)
Letsh (“The Last Ones” by M.Gorky)
Medvedev (“The Lower Depths” by M.Gorky)
Cousin Brandon (“The Long Christmas Dinner” by Th.Wilder
Prince Korchagin (“Resurrection. Super” by Presnyakov Brothers based on L.Tolstoy)
Hero (“The City” by Y.Grishkovets)
Anse Bundren (“As I Lay Dying” by W.Faulkner)


Films and TV serials:
“The Color of the Sky” N.Belyauskene and Y.Vaskevich (2006)
“The Railway” A.Fedorchenko (2007)
“The Radio Day“ D.Dyachenko (2008)
“The Girl”E.Nikolayeva (2008)
“Full Ahead!” (2005)
“The Alternative Instinct” N.Belyauskene (2006)
“The Crisis Center” E.Nikolayeva (2007)
“The Heartbreakers” (2008)
“The Sniper: the Weapon of Revenge” A.Yefremova (2009)


1998 - The Tchaika Award in the nomination “Double Hit: Partnership On Stage” for the part of Ivan in “The Art” by Y.Rez
2008 - “Moskovsky Komsomolets Daily” Award in the nomination “Almost a Master: the Best Supporting Actor” for the part of Tsar in ”The Humpback Horse” (MXAT)



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